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Since our founding in July 2013, the firm has grown rapidly. Yeshanew Gonfa & a national firm licensed to operate all over Ethiopia. The firm is recognized and licensed by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants to provide accounting, tax and business advisory services to clients nationwide. Our office is located in Bole, Afomi Building, at the back Friendship tower, 2nd Floor. 

International Collaboration

Yeshanew Gonfa & Co. is an associate firm of Crowe Horwath International. The Crowe Horwath network consists of more than 150 independent accounting and advisory services firms and in over 100 countries around the world.    

Crowe Horwath International member firms are known for their local knowledge, expertise, and experience balanced by an international reputation for the highest quality in audit, tax, advisory and risk services. They are unified through a shared commitment for impeccable quality service, highly integrated service delivery processes and a common set of core values and management philosophies that guide their decisions daily.    

This unique combination of talent provides Crowe Horwath International the worldwide capabilities of a highly integrated network to deliver value to multinational clients doing business across borders.  

Firm culture

We are well qualified to respond to requirements quickly and effectively. We closely monitor schedules and deadlines, and regularly perform forecasts to anticipate potential issues or bottlenecks, allowing us to be proactive - versus reactive to situations. Our excellent working relationships with clients and our cooperative work ethic contribute to our success in meeting project schedules and deadlines. 

Management approach

Our firm’s management approach emphasizes teamwork and we have built a strong reputation for providing exceptional quality service, technical expertise, and a collaborative work ethic. 

Membership and registration

Yeshanew Gonfa & Co. is registered with the Federal Auditor General of FDRE, Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Authority and Charities and Societies Agency to perform assurance services for companies and not for profit organizations operating in Ethiopia. Additionally, we are members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors Association and Ethiopian Auditors Association.



Bole, Africa Avenue

Afomi Building 2nd Floor

P.O.Box 437 Code 1250

Tel. +251911678117, +251118678184

Addis Ababa


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